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Can I re-do the patio/pool deck while the pool is open?

I have an inground pool. I just had it opened. I was wondering if I can tear out the existing concrete blocks and patio- and pour colored concrete in while the pool is open.


I'm looking to do something like this.... PoolDeck8.jpg


The pool is square like this image and I want to do concrete similar to this color.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated. I would be having someone I know who has worked with concrete before do this for me.

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Posted 2012-05-08T19:50:29+0000  by AllyD AllyD

Hey AllyD.


I would imagine that if your pool was vinyl, it might take away some support behind the liner. It appears that the concrete around the pool in that picture may be prefab pieces that could be put over existing concrete and then concrete poured behind it. I might see if this is an option, for it would be much easier and less risky.


I saw on the DIY channel where they resurfaced a concrete sidewalk around a pool with such prefab blocks. It is easier and will help keep concrete and debris out of the pool.


I would otherwise recommend calling a pool company that installs such pools for a question of this caliber. I appreciate you coming to be a member of the community and hope to hear from you in the future.

Posted 2012-05-10T12:01:17+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Hey AllyD.


Just another option that I think is a good possibility is this Restore Resurfacer Kit. It will save you a fortune and can be tinted to 36 different colors. It has great slip resistance and will last 12 years and it is something that you can easily do yourself.


restore concrete.jpg

Posted 2012-05-10T13:47:44+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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