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Can I remove excess sticky stain on wood by applying a second coat and wiping it off?

I recently sanded my hardwood oak floors down to bare wood.  I applied a first coat of minwax oil based stain, wiping it up with rags after letting it sit for 5 minutes,  and let it dry over night.  Everything looked great.  Applied a second caot in the same fashion the next day, wiping it up as I went.  Apparantly I did not wipe up enough when I did the second coat, because 48 hours later it was sticky and tacky to the touch. I then wiped down the whole area with 3 cans of mineral spirits and about a million rags.  This seems to have helped a lot, but there are still trace amounts of stickyness throughout the floor.  Additionally, the process of wiping the whole floor with mineral spirits has lightened some areas of the floor (removed some of the stains color) and now it appears a little blotchy.  No one else sees the blotchiness, but after two days scrubbing on my hands and knees I can see it.  Before I spend another day wiping down the floor with mineral spirits to remove any excess pigments from the surface of the wood, could I apply a coat of stain to essentially dissolve these remaining pigments and then wipe them up with the newly applied stain?  This would also even out any blotchiness that was caused from my first pass with mineral spirits. 

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Posted 2014-01-31T21:59:24+0000  by vgaler vgaler

Sound reasonable, and I think I have actually done this before on my router table wood trim.  I would try a small area next to the wall as possible, and base your further actions on the success of this test.

Posted 2014-02-02T03:08:44+0000  by bluesky929
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