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Can I use a 120 volt LED bulb in a 110 volt lamp?

Here's a question about the voltage of LED light bulbs from Apron blog reader Betty:


"I bought 2 led bulbs and noticed they say 110 volts and all my other bulbs are 120 volts. Can I still use the 110 volt ones? Or should I return them? The lamp base says 110 volts."


I took physics in high school, where I learned about this kind of thing... but to be honest, I can't really remember the difference between wattage and voltage. I know that if I travel overseas, I have to be careful about plugging my stuff into a 240 volt outlet. 


So, what's the deal with 120 volt LED bulbs and 110 volt bulbs, and is this something Betty needs to worry about?


-Craig, from the Apron blog

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Posted 2013-03-06T18:44:47+0000  by HomeDepotCraig HomeDepotCraig

Hey Betty.


You have 110v system which 120v bulbs are designed for. An 110v system will surge past 110v so the bulb is designed to support these surges, so it is called 120v.


There are also 130v bulbs which simply have a thicker filament in them, designed to last longer than the 120v bulb, due to power surging past 120v.


So the short and sweet of it is that your 110v lamp can use a 120v or 130v bulb.


This is something that I did not know before learning it some time in my 16 year career with Home Depot. Thanks for your question.

Posted 2013-03-07T18:21:16+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL




The voltage rating on LED bulbs is the maximum recommended voltage for that bulb. A 120 volt bulb will work on 110 volts, however if operated at a higher voltage such as 130 volts the bulbs life will be significantly shortened.


Either bulb will work; the fixture is rated for 110 volts so the 110 volt bulbs will work fine as well.



Posted 2013-03-07T18:54:39+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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