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Can I use wall panels to temporarily enclose a loft?

I have a loft area that I would like to enclose, but I don't want to spend a lot of money. Does anyone have any ideas about how to use wall panels to acheive this? I am not sure about how to connect them (and have it look decent) and make sure they don't fall over. Thank you.

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Posted 2011-02-03T08:58:30+0000  by pkrtk pkrtk

Hello pkrtk,


First I would like to welcome you to the Community.


Now let’s get to your question. When you say “wall panels” I take that as some type of a room divider. If that is the case is this something that you already have or do you want to build them?


 If you already have a few panels and you just need to connect them together. If it were me I would try and find some aluminum C-channel that would fit snuggly over the frame of the panel and use it to attach it to the wall and also to attach the panels together.


In order to attach it to the wall you would attach the c-channel to the wall first and then slide the panel into it. Then use self tapping screws to attach the channel to the panel. You will use the same method to connect the panels together. If you wanted them to be screwed down to the floor then use the same process as the wall. Make sure that you screw it down to the floor prior to putting the screws into the panel at the wall. You will have to put the panel that attaches to the wall in both channels at the same time.


I don’t think that you would need to have one on the floor if you attach it to the wall and then attach them at the top of each joint. Since this is a temporary wall I would not screw into the floor if you don’t need to. The wall is an easy patch job but the floor might be a little more work. As for the joints I would just use the same c-channel just cut it to about 12”-16” long so that it would keep it straight and give it strength. You would just slide it over the panels at each joint and use 2 screws in each panel from the top. That way you would not see the screws. There you go all of your panels are attached to the wall and are secured to each other so they do not fall over.


Now if you don’t already have the wall panels I would say to just build a temporary wall just like any other wall in your house, just a little bit lighter duty. You can use 2”x 3” studs or even 2”x 2” instead of 2”x 4”s. I would use thin plywood to sheet it. You could go with drywall but it would be more work to install it and a lot more work to take down. Not to mention the mess that goes along with it. Once you built the framing you would attach it to the wall with screws that way it would be easy to take down later. I would use screws for everything to make it easy to remove. Let me know if you have any questions on how to do the framing.


I hope this has given you a few ideas for your project. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks and good luck.


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Posted 2011-02-04T19:40:27+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

I am hoping it hasn't been too much time since the last post to reply to this thread...

We have a similar situation, a loft that we'd like to temporarily enclose.  However, our loft has two walls that need enclosure (the third is essentially a doorway and we didn't think that enclosing it would be cost-effective) and the walls already have half-walls that are about waist-high. We'd like to build on top of the half-walls, bunt need to know that best way to secure the temporary walls to the half-wall and to the ceiling.


I like the idea of a lightweight, less-mess, option of plywood and 2x2 studs.  We have the bare necessities and need some advice!

Posted 2012-08-13T13:52:07+0000  by jencor808
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