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Can I wallpaper over tileboard?

I am trying to do an easy update to my great grandmother's bathroom. Her walls currently have tileboard, I think. That is what my grandfather called it when he installed it 25 years ago. It's kind of shiny and smooth with fake looking 12x12 squares that have a printed design on the "tiles". It looks like it would be used for high moisture areas.


Can I wall paper over this? I considered taking it down, but the walls behind it are a mess and some don't even look finished. I thought about beadboard at the bottom with a chair rail, and wallpaper above it. I actually found some beadboard wallpaper that looked pretty good and considered using that on the bottom half, as well.


Would this be possible? Would it ever stick or stay up, especially since it's a bathroom and she does shower in it. Part of me wants to run out and buy it and just start hanging it, but I know if it ends up being a peeling mess I will never hear the end of it. 


Thanks so much for any help!

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Posted 2012-11-29T19:35:00+0000  by CheerOn CheerOn

Hi Cheeron,


I am sure your great grandmother appreciates your effects to spruce up her bathroom.


Tileboard is still available and used in homes today. However wallpapering over it is not usually a good choice. You would have to sand the tileboard down and then apply the wallpaper.


The problem is the pattern of the tile will show through the wallpaper and the end result will be less than satisfactory.


The ideal solution would be to remove the tileboard and repair the walls. If the walls are in very poor shape, then applying new water resistant drywall will be in order.


You can apply the new drywall over the existing walls, tape the joints, sand, prime and then apply the wall paper.


To make the job easier you could apply wainscoting or beadboard on the lower walls and new drywall on the remainder.


This will be a good deal of work, but you'll be pleased with the end result.


Let us know what you decide to do!



Posted 2012-11-29T22:08:28+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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