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Can a bonding agent be use for to hold down a loose slate step. Then re-grout the joints

I have a loose slate step.   I was wondering if I could lift it out, clean out the grout joints, clean the base and bond the slate step back down with a bonding agent.  Then re-grout the joints with motar

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Posted 2013-10-25T23:44:52+0000  by elevatorman elevatorman

Hey elevatorman,


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You essentially answered your own question for how to repair your loose slate step!


Just make sure that you clean the bottom base via scrubbing using a steel brush. Once that is done, you can use a small amount thin-set mortar to successfully bond it to the step base. If the joints were already mortar, you can grout it with that.


Sealing the tiles and grout joints after they have dried is equally important. This helps to prevent cracking via water seeping through it, and helps prevent things like this from happening again.

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Posted 2013-11-02T20:11:25+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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