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Can a dishwasher be removed?

It is old, smells bad it need to be removed.

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Posted 2013-08-24T11:25:04+0000  by hineslee hineslee

Sure.  There's three connections you'll have to deal with - electrical, water supply, and drain.  Turn off the power and the water supply.  There's an access panel at the bottom front of the machine, held in place with a couple of screws.   Many diswashers are "hard wired" but a few plug in.  In either case, disconnect the electrical wires.  For the water supply line and drain you'll want to have a shallow pan (like pie tin) and a few old rags to collect any water.  Loosen the nut that connects the supply line.  The drain line usually has some kind of hose clamp that unscrews or is just squeezed to be released.


Once that's done, there should be two screws at the top front of the unit holding it to the underside of the counter.  Remove those.  There are a couple of leveling feet at the bottom front of the unit, it may be necessary to raise those so you have enough room to wiggle the washer out.


Good luck!

Posted 2013-08-24T11:54:00+0000  by Adam444
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