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Can a window ac unit be installed in a jalousie window?

We have jalousie windows with many small horizontal slats of glass making up the window. I was wondering if there was any way to install a window ac unit into this type of window or if I should just remove the window and frame in the ac with 2x4's and plywood and seal it with caulk?

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Posted 2013-06-20T04:44:00+0000  by javila07 javila07

HI javila07,


Unfortunately the glass jalousie window will not withstand the weight of the air conditioner, and there will not be an easy way to mount it or secure the window opening.


You will have to remove the window build in the wall.


Since most window air conditioners are designed for a conventional wooden window, you might consider installing a wooden window in place of the jalousie window and then the air conditioner.


If constructed in this manor, the air conditioner may be removed in the winter and you will still have a window in the wall to use year round.




Posted 2013-06-20T22:47:41+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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