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Can any one of the store help me to cut a wooden board as round and hexagon shape for table top?

I like to make a dinning table and coffee table. For this I need help to cut the wood board as round and hexagon shape. Can any one help me in the store? Or suggest me where I can for this help?

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Posted 2013-12-23T06:57:22+0000  by Sadiaz Sadiaz

No Home Depot I've been in has the ability to make those kinds of cuts.  Round tables tops can be cut with a router and circle cutting jig.  The jig can be store bought or fabricated in your shop.



A hexagon could be cut by carefully laying out the cuts on the workpiece and use a circular saw and straight edge to make them.  As with circle cutting jigs they can be purchased or fabricated.


If that isn't something you want or can do, you'll need to find a local handyman or cabinet shop.  A posting on Craigslist under "gigs" may help too.




Posted 2013-12-23T16:07:23+0000  by Adam444
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