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Can somebody help me choose the right dimmer switch?

Hi, I have a light switch panel that does not have a dimmer switch, and I took a picture of it below.


I would like to add a dimmer switch to all three switches, but could settle for dimmer switches to just the two on the left.

Could somebody recommend the dimmer switch I could purchase to fit over this panel that would allow me to do this, and would not require any patchwork to the walls?


Thank you creative people!!!


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Posted 2013-12-29T22:56:40+0000  by ckp ckp

Lutron Maestro.  They make a dual dimmer, so you could have all three switches as dimmers


Unfortunately there's a few things you need to consider.  My quick read is that the dual dimmer will only work with incandescent and halogen loads.  You also need to consider the total load (number of watts on each switch circuit).  The dual dimmer is going to be limited to 300 watts on each switch.  And because you're putting two dimmers in the same junction box, you'll need to reduce the load by about another 15%.


The other option is to replace the existing 2 gang box and put in a 3 gang box which would allow you to use full sized dimmer switches (or ones that can handle CFL and LED lamps).

Posted 2013-12-29T23:31:38+0000  by Adam444

hey thanks for the detailed response. it's a little more advanced than i'm comfortable doing (AND I'm renting) so I think instead I'll go with some dimmers that just plug into the outlets instead. 


Any suggestions on wireless dimmers that can exist as like "remotes" that can be held to dim the lights?

Posted 2014-01-02T00:24:28+0000  by ckp

You probably shouldn't be doing electrical work on a property that's not yours.  


As for plug-in remote dimmer, I know they're out there but I have no brand recommendations.



Posted 2014-01-02T01:23:37+0000  by Adam444


Caseta wireless dimmers from Lutron seem to be a possible solution for you. You can buy either a plug-in lamp dimmer, or in-wall dimmer. Both come with a Radio Frequency remote (does not need direct line of sight to dimmer for remote to work)

Posted 2014-01-23T15:25:07+0000  by DanShannon
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