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Can you glue sheet Vinyl flooring to a Ceiling ?

We have a small bathroom in our Condo, current the ceiling is painted knockdown.  We have found a sheet vinyl flooring at home Depot that my wife would love to put up on the ceiling.  The ceiling is 4 X 8, so the sheet vinyl has a width of 12 feet so we should be able to cut out one piece with no seems.  Is it possible to glue up sheet vinyl onto knockdown ceiling, if so what adhesive should I use.  I can find lots of videos and blogs on vinyl ceiling tiles, but not using on solid piece of vinyl sheet flooring.  Any opinions, hints, tips, thoughts, is really appreciated.  
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Posted 2016-05-24T04:20:00+0000  by jocko2 jocko2

Hello jocko and welcome to the Community.

This product is not designed to be install on a ceiling and the underlayment-overlayment  does not match any of the materials. It would not be covered under warranty.

Here is a link to installation instructions.  It list surface prep and materials and installation instructions.

You will have to determine if you want to try and use this in this unusual application.

Thanks for your inquiry.


Posted 2016-05-26T18:55:20+0000  by Char_HD_CHI

Hi jocko2

I just wanted to add a few things to the great information that Char has already given you.

First off, as Char stated, this product was never meant to be installed on a ceiling. The reason  you can't find information regarding installing it there is because no one installs it that way. All the materials and products used on its installation was never meant to go against gravity on a ceiling.

And in your case, since it's a popcorn ceiling, there would be no way shy of using some sort of fasteners (nails, etc.) to hold it up due to the texture. Glue wouldn't work, and quite frankly, it would look very tacky and give you more problems than you'd think.

For your ceiling, your safest bet would be to use a high quality bathroom paint on the ceiling to give yourself protection without the hassle of placing something (vinyl flooring) that should never be up there in the first place.

Posted 2016-05-28T14:25:22+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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