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Can't Remove Screws from Wall

We had white coated wire shelving installed in closets before we moved to our new home.  We are wanting to remove them so we can replace them with different installations.  However, when we go to loosen and remove the screws holding the shelving in place, we either can't turn the screws or they just turn and turn with minimal loosening.


How do we get these screws out?

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Posted 2011-07-11T22:01:06+0000  by comogreg comogreg


Hi Comogreg, this is Mike the Home Depot Answer Man, Welcome to the community.

A lot of the wire shelving installations use a nail type wall anchor. This anchor is a one piece wall anchor with a nail built in. The anchor is placed in the wall and the nail expands the anchor as it is pressed in.

To remove them you most grab the nail head, and pull the nail out. The nail is attached to the anchor and will not come completely out of the anchor. Pull the nail out as far as you can, then use a utility knife or putty knife to pry the anchor out of the wall.

The wall may have been painted after the wire shelves were installed. So use a utility knife to score the paint around the anchor to ease its’ removal.

If the anchors have screws and the screws are stripped in the anchor. Try placing a putty knife or screw driver under the screw head.  Place outward pressure on the head as you turn the screw with a screwdriver, this will force the screw out if the anchors threads are stripped.

I hope this answers your question


Posted 2011-07-11T23:16:33+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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