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Can't get clamp off washer drain hose

Hi all, I'm trying to figure out why my washer is not drying well after a spin cycle. I'd like to pop off the drain hose and check for clogs, but the clamp (which looks pretty old) won't budge. Pic is below; anyone have any thoughts? Looks like a simple screw clamp, but I can't budge it  
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Posted 2017-03-06T02:21:44+0000  by Grimmer Grimmer
That clamp is a typical manufacturing item, not really workable for a DIY situation. Cut it off. Grind thru the strap that is up beside the screw, not the part around the hose. It will heat up and may melt the plastic boss it is attached to so go slow. Reassemble with and all stainless worm gear type hose clamp. A little silocone lube on the boss may make it easier to replace next time.
BTW, have you tried blowing in the other end to see if it is clogged shut?
Posted 2017-03-06T02:39:56+0000  by Crashj007
Hi Crashj007,

The clamp is an old automotive style clamp called a tower clamp ( due to its appearance, it looks like a tower)

To remove it, loosen the screw and tap on the head of the screw, this will cause the clamp to open and then it can be removed. You may have to tap on the screw head several times to loosen it, as it looks like it's been there quite a long time.

Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man
Posted 2017-03-06T18:53:55+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Thanks very much! I'll give it a try tonight. I'll try Mike's suggestion first and then Crash's if I still can't get it off. I haven't tried blowing out the other end yet; I'll give that a try too. 
Posted 2017-03-07T22:58:01+0000  by Grimmer
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