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Can't install ceiling fan remote receiver

I'm installing a new ceiling fan. However, my ceiling pitch is so steep that the receiver won't fit into the little slot in the bracket. Well, it'll fit if I swing the downrod out but if I let go, it would crush the receiver.


What are my alternatives? Does anyone know of a smaller receiver? I've heard of receivers that fit into a light switch but have never seen one.


Here's a pic so you can see my problem.


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Posted 2012-04-09T22:07:13+0000  by BlaineJ BlaineJ

Hi all,

I think I can help for anyone still trying to figure this out. It is not easy, but it can all fit.


After studying it for a while I realized the only way is to slide the receiver unit into the top of the mounting bracket. Basically slide it through the opening that is up against the ceiling and leave the capped wires either way up into the ceiling or below the unit. In my case I had to do some of each. Make sure the wires are long enough to allow for this to be done. 


For anyone still struggling, the mounting bracket is the first thing attached to the box in the ceiling, and it usually has an opening in the metal bracket that hangs down that is wide enough to allow for this to be done. You will end up with the receiver locked in place jammed right up against the ceiling and covering most of the junction box.


I hope this helps someone! Good luck.

Posted 2014-01-26T21:49:43+0000  by Westy


        I've got a different problem but very similar.  My ceiling is flat and I am trying to put a receiver in the same location as the fella that posted the picture of his slopped ceiling problem.  The remote is too wide to slip into the metal bracket without jamming it through and crimping the wires, although they seem to stand up and haven't split or been cut.  But there is not enough room to get the ceiling fan up into the bracket now.  The tip that juts out and would  let you attach a down rod is blocked by the receiver taking up space by about a quarter inch.  There is no space that would allow the receiver to be installed below the blades but above the lights, just the light kit housing there and way too small.  Should I just buy a new bigger fan despite this being a small room?  Thanks for any suggestions.  Best regards, Tom

Posted 2013-09-21T02:47:33+0000  by tomdives2

After spending several hours trying to install this ceiling fan on a vaulted ceiling, I can say with absolute certainty that the receiver simply will not fit in the space within the hanging bracket. This fan can only be installed on a flat ceiling. The installation manual states that it can be installed on a ceiling with a 30 degree pitch but this is not true. I have a 26 degree pitch and was not able to fit the receiver where it needed to go. 

I will return the fan to Home Depot and look for another fan.

Posted 2012-09-07T03:49:31+0000  by larson727

Hi everyone who is having receiver installation problems.  I have installed these many times on deep fan boxes and on pancake fan boxes.  Yes it is crowed but there is a void space between the hanger bracket and the canopy that will allow the wire nuts to wrap around the bracket instead of going above the bracket.  Just be careful not to pinch a wire between the hanger ball and the bottom of the canopy.  I hope this helps.   Stukas


I am a Master Trade Specialist with the Home Depot

Posted 2012-09-03T16:18:39+0000  by Stukas

I'm having the same problem-- Home Depot, please help!


Posted 2012-09-02T18:29:01+0000  by obstacle

I am having the same problem. I have a Hampton Bay Windward IV 52 inch ceiling fan. I believe the receiver is supposed to go inside the canopy and perhaps the antenna is supposed to stick out. I think the biggest problem is the instruction do not address this issue at all. There are no pictures nor descriptions. Where the receiver box goes in not even mentioned in the instructions. These are some of the most poorly written directions I've dealt with in a long time.


The receiver is just to big to go inside the canopy. If there is a trick to it, or if it's supposed to go in a certain spot, it would be nice if it were addressed in the instructions.

Posted 2012-08-27T04:30:42+0000  by Brian_Edmondson

Hello acorte and welcome.

So sorry to hear about your issue but these designs have been around for years now and this is really the only times the receiver doesn't fit.

Its a very good design, that's why its been around so long.


This receiver will fit in any standard canopy except a steep incline of a vaulted ceiling.

Posted 2012-07-18T13:49:52+0000  by AAriondo

BlaneJ, Please just be careful and make sure you put the reciever in a box and do not splice any wires and let them lay free in the attic. 

Definite fire hazard and against code.



All that said, you have a great idea

Posted 2012-07-18T13:42:23+0000  by AAriondo


Yesterday, my husband purchased 2 - Hampton Bay Windward IV ceiling fans. We had the same problem with housing the receiver ... Which is totally impossible.  Hampton Bay should replace their receiver with a smaller one or else replace the smaller housing unit with a larger unit for their large receiver. We tried the close to ceiling mount and also the standard mount, but the big problem was that darn receiver. It was just too large to fit inside the small housing unit.


We are upset with this and will take this back to the Home Depot for a refund. After 3 hours of installing, you would think the job of putting up 1 of the 2 ceiling fans would be finished by now.  Well, what a waste of our time.

Posted 2012-07-17T05:03:53+0000  by acorte

Thanks for the replies.


There's no way it's going below the fan blades. There's nothing but a light bowl there.

And the receiver is too big to just sit inside the canopy that hugs the ceiling.

The remote and receiver came with the fan - This is the fan:


But I have an idea...

There are two light switches on the wall - one for the light and one for the fan.

They wires from the switches go up into the attic and are easily accessible. I think I'll just put the remote there in the attic instead of at the fan. I can easily cut tap into the wire there.

Posted 2012-04-13T13:22:14+0000  by BlaineJ
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