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Caring for and keeping your tools sharp

Hi, this is Ricks Picks. Caring for your tools is one of the most important skills you can learn and one of the best habits you can adopt. Well maintained equipment is easier to use and will hold up longer than the ones that are not well maintained. The simple task of wiping your shovel off and spraying it down with something like WD 40 will make it last years longer. The same goes with your lopper or your hedge trimmer, whether manual or electric. The simple gesture of wiping off the debris and coating the blades with a good silicone or oil spray will keep the edge of the blades sharper for a longer period and keep the rust away as well. 



To sharpen your pruning shears, it is a simple matter of determining if you have a wedge type blade like a bypass pruner:

                                            Corona Bypass Lopper.jpg


 Or a  V or triangle type blade:


                                                          Anvil Lopper by Fiskars.jpg


Generally a lopper will have this type of a blade and a bypass pruner will have a wedge type of a blade.  A standard flat file will work on either type of blade but you can also find a specialty sharpener that will sharpen just one side of the blade as in a bypass pruner or both sides as in regular anvil type lopper where the edge of the blade presses down on softer flat surface.


There are some specialty tools that can be used to sharpen either a wedge blade or the upside down triangle type blade but you may have to shop around to locate this type of handy sharpening tool.  Your spade is also a very handy garden tool and it very important to keep a nice edge on this tool.

                                    D Handle Spade.jpg


  Check out my video on keeping digging tools clean, rust free and sharp:





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