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Carpet Warranty with pad

While looking over the buyers guide for carpet and reading over the carpet warranty. I noticed the Carpet guide recommends the Prime Comfort pad for most of the carpet sold at Home Depot. But the fine print of the warranty states that using a pad rated under 6lb would void the warranty. The specs on the Prime Comfort pad say its a 4lb. At face value.. this seems dishonest at best.

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Posted 2017-02-26T08:35:08+0000  by disarray42 disarray42

Hello disarray42 and welcome to the Community.

There are several types of carpet cushions material in the market place.  Home Depot carries basically 2 types, prime and bonded and all meet the warranty requirements. 

The warranty information you referred to, seen below, applies to bonded Carpet cushion.

 Limited Texture Retention Warranties exclude:

Carpets installed over cushion with a density lower than 6 lbs.


Future Foam is measured using a different measuring system that makes comparisons difficult.


The Future Foam Carpet Pad is a Prime Urethane product and is a class “2” products that is measured in a different way than bonded products.  It actually is superior to the bonded product and a Density rating of 4 lbs. for ½” thick carpet pad, if comparable, would exceed the 8 lbs. rating of the bonded material. 


You can be assured, that if you chose the Future Foam Carpet Pad, that it will meet the Warranty requirements.


Here are links to some reference materials that may help understand.


Information on Flexible Polyurethane Foam.


Carpet Cushion Council


Future Foam Warranty

Carpet Council  Minimum requirements

If you have additions questions, I would be happy to hear back from you. 



Posted 2017-02-28T16:33:03+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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