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Carpet repair

My dog tore up a 4X2 section of carpet in front of the doorway to a bedroom he got stuck in.  Is there any way to replace it myself or is this something you must call to have done?  The carpet is only 1 year old and I have extra pieces left over from original installation. The section that must be replaced is basically in the corner of the room. 

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Posted 2011-01-24T18:49:27+0000  by Rooster Rooster

Hello Rooster!

Thank you for your question and thanks also for joining our community! 


I am a Home Depot flooring associate and I encountered quite a few bad dog stories myself and not just in my store. In fact, our mini-schnauzer tore through a good bit of linoleum in the corner of a room he was kept in a few years ago, so I understand your frustration. A 4' x 2' section of carpet can be replaced and not impossible to do, it just takes a few tools and know-how to get the patch work done.


The best thing working for you in your favor is the fact that it is a new carpet and you have extra pieces AND its in a corner will most definitely work in your favor. The only thing we need to ascertain is the carpet padding underneath. If you don't replace the pad, the carpet will sag and look out of place, even with a seamless appearance of the new carpet, that is if the padding is damaged. With that said, take a look at the padding underneath that's in good shape now, take a sample of it down to your local Home Depot and our folks in the flooring department will be more than happy to cut you a piece of padding the same thickness as your old one.


We sell them in 6' rolls and sold in square yardage, but you can get a 2 ft by 6 ft. piece. While you're there be sure to pick up heat seaming tape and if your store has a Tool Rental, be sure to grab a heat seam iron. Also, a seam roller is recommend but if you can find an alternative such as a stiff brush that can work. A seam roller looks like this:


You can use double-sided carpet tape for this project, but believe me, if you don't want to ever do this again, the heat tape will work much better and stronger than the regular double-sided tape ever will. Here's a picture of the iron and the heat tape:



So we're back in front of the doorway. Firstly, if you have any base moulding like the picture below, be sure to remove it or them first to ensure the carpet/pad goes all the way to the wall, its an optional thing but the new carpet looks better, unless the carpet was originally installed in front of the molding. If you choose this step, be sure to cut the top of the moulding with a knife to ensure the paint doesn't rip off the paper on your drywall. After removing the base moulding with the new padding beside you, start cutting out exactly a 4ft by 2ft section, ensuring that you make a precise cut. Take out the old padding as well, I've found very heavy duty scissors also work great in lieu of a utility knife. After getting down to the subfloor, do you notice the tack strips facing up along the corner? I'm assuming your dog didn't tear through the tack strips themselves, so as long as they are in good shape you can continue with your project. 



Cut the new pad down to the 4' by 2' section. You don't have to tape or adhere the pad down, but stapling the pad down to the wood subfloor to ensure no movement using a T50 type stapler works great. Cut your carpet to the same size. Now pull back the carpet at the seam and center a piece of seam tape pre cut to the length of the seam. Notice the red line on the seam tape. That is the center line of your seam.

Make sure both pieces of carpet line up close together. When both pieces lay together, the backings of each should touch. Have the other heat tape exposed facing up so that the new carpet can be attached.  Plug in the heating iron to a medium setting for this project. For a nice seam, slightly lift the back of the seam iron up to keep the carpet off the seam tape after it has been smoothly slid over the "tape" than using your hand and pressing the carpet onto the seam tape from the "weight tray" towards the back of the seam iron. Doing this is a good way to make sure the carpet does not overlap or gap. A good seam does not peak from over heating and does not have gaps or overlapping. Let the seam iron heat the seam tape until you can move the iron the length of the iron, it should slide smoothly. If the tape isn't melted enough, have a seam roller handy.



 Check  to make sure the two pieces are close together and the red line on the seam tape is lined up center with the seam. This is also a way to tell if you are ready to move the iron. Leaving the iron in place too long will burn the seam tape and it will stick to the padding. With that said, be very careful when working with this tool, as hot silicone from the glue can burn!


Next roll the seam roller over the seam back and forth in the direction of the seam directly over the seam. Don't press too hard. Pressing too hard may cause the seam to gap. The end result should be no gaps, overlaps, or overheating. Lastly, reinstall your moulding to ensure a clean look to the corner again, like there was no damage at all!


All of these tools can be rented out at your nearest Home Depot Tool Rental center, although some stores do slightly vary in brands and availability. Doing these steps ensures that you'll never have to worry about the carpet seaming up again. 


Please update us your repair project, I know using a heat iron may seem daunting at first, but remember once you install it via these steps, you'll never have to worry about that section ever again. Now as for letting your dog back in the room.....:smileyvery-happy:


Have a great day!



Posted 2011-01-24T20:37:14+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

as expected. thank you for the detailed steps that you have outline joe. :)

Posted 2012-09-19T08:05:15+0000  by carpetsondmove

Thank you for the detailed repair instructions. I must say that I was very disappointed when I went to store 4187 and was told that I had to buy a $24 roll of padding for my repair as they do not cut  the padding.


i went and asked for the manager on duty and they paged Tim who called back to the customer service rep and asked what I wanted I told how I was looking for a 12x24 piece o fpadding for a repair and he told the rep ( he never came out and responded face to face) that they do not cut the padding rolls. I asked tmj his last name and  was told that the store manager Daryl jones said they do not cut the padding  roles.  


Fortunately I went to the nearby lowes and they were more then accommodating  cutting me apiece of padding taht i needeD.



I would have rather purchased from  home depot but apparently all of the managers are not on the same page. Service not just price is what differentiuates similar suppliers .



Posted 2012-11-10T02:36:39+0000  by Skr511

Thanks alot for the carpet repairing information. It is of great help.

Posted 2013-02-26T06:50:59+0000  by JessicaPetty
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