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Ceiling Fan

I bought a house with a ceiling fan in the bedroom, Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan AC-552.  The light kit attached to the bottom (Want to attach a photo, but this is not allowing it).  
When the fan runs on low, there is no noise... which is terrific!  But when the fan runs on medium and high a very annoying rhythmic hum comes from the fan.  I have already tightened anything that was loose. No change.  But when I removed the light assembly, the annoying hum disappeared.  I tried it again, and sure enough the annoying,  rhythmic hum returned.
I don't mind leaving the light kit off, except for the unfinished bottom as seen in the attached photo.
Is there a cap that came with this fan, that I can purchase?  If not, how do you suggest I fix the annoying, rhythmic hum?
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Posted 2016-04-25T23:16:16+0000  by anynameldo anynameldo
Hi anynameldo,

Hampton Bay parts are available, look on the top of the motor housing for the UPC number, copy this number down and call 1-800-527-0313 this is the Hampton Bay parts line. 

Give them your model number and the UPC code, and tell them you need the bottom cover plate to replace the light kit. They should be able to help you.

Posted 2016-04-28T17:08:52+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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