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Ceiling Fan Capacitor

I have H-Bay fan model # CR552R1(CH).  It has been a great fan. However, now only the high speed works. I have tried out a different remote (keying it to the same code) from another H-Bay fan in the home and still only high speed works. 

I think I need a new capacitor. The one in the fan is interesting - not like any I have seen on line: it consists of the usual black rectangle shaped box but this had a yellow battery like device glued on top of it. the two wires (red and white) attach to the yellow item and no wires attach to the black box.

Anyway, can you tell me how I can get a replacement capacitor for this fan. 

The label on the capacitor items states: VIM  /  6.OUF  /  250VAC.  The yellow item also has 505J, 50-60HZ.  The black item also has E144575  and -25-70 C.

I want to order this part but not sure how to proceed. Thanks. 
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Posted 2015-07-05T17:54:02+0000  by RonR RonR
Give Hampton Bay a call.  You'll need the model number/UPC from the fan when you call.

Posted 2015-07-06T00:41:05+0000  by Adam444
Thanks Adam - will do so. 
Posted 2015-07-06T16:17:33+0000  by RonR
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