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Ceiling Fan Electrical Installation Quandry



I'm in the process of installing a ceiling fan using the pre-installed wiring built into my condo.  There are two switches next to each other (presumably intended for the light and the fan) and four wires that come out of the ceiling (red, black, white, and green).


I don’t own any electrical testing equipment so I used an old lamp to confirm which wires are linked to which switch.  However, the results don’t make sense to me.


When I hooked the lamp up to black and white, BOTH switches turned on the test lamp.  When I tried red and white, the same thing happened.  Both switches turned on the lamp.  Does this make sense?  I would think that for a ceiling fan you would want separate circuits for the fan and the light.  I’m not sure why someone would wire a home this way.  What am I missing?


Thank you kindly,


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Posted 2016-10-30T16:26:57+0000  by Alex465 Alex465

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Posted 2016-10-30T16:28:48+0000  by Alex465
One would reasonably assume that the two switches are to control the fan and light independently and what you are describing doesn't make much sense.  How did you hook up your lamp and what kind of lamp was it and what kind of bulb?  Can you open the junction box containing the switch and take pictures of that, please.  Take at least two, showing both sides of the switch.

Just so you know, unless you are a licensed electrician you can't legally do electrical work in a multi-family dwelling like a condo. 
Posted 2016-10-31T00:24:10+0000  by Adam444
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