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Ceiling Fan Installation

I need to install a ceiling fan above a tall stairway. The fan I purchased is a 70" model, that weighs allot. The current light box is not rated for a Ceiling Fan, so what should I purchase to install the fan with? I do have access to the crawl space above, making the above ceiling hardware a little easier. I just want to make sure and buy something that will carry the weight without a problem in the future...  Thanks in advance for the tips, I need them...

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Posted 2013-12-26T16:02:47+0000  by rtjudd rtjudd

Hello rtjudd!


Keeping things simple is often best.


First, check the weight of your fan that "weighs alot."


Then look at the Madison 75-pound ceiling fan box.


Designed for variable height installation and suited for new or old construction, this box should meet all your requirements.

Madison Smart Box Adjustable Depth 75-pound Ceiling Fan Box.jpg

Posted 2013-12-26T18:08:23+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Pat, are these more stable than the expandable metal type that you put between the rafters/floor joices (Model # 936) that you sell?

Posted 2013-12-26T18:14:18+0000  by rtjudd

Hello again rtjudd!


As long as you attach the box directly to a solid beam, you should have no problem.


Bracing a box between two beams is certainly more common, but not necessarily any more secure.


The brace box is also designed to carry 70-pound ceiling fans.


Ask your local Electrical Associate for their opinion.


My Electrical Associates are journeymen and have done this repair hundreds of times ... I really trust their opinion.



Can you locate the fan to accommodate those seventy-inch blades and still mount the box against a beam?


If so, you're fine with the first option.


If not, you should use the brace box.

Posted 2013-12-26T18:22:49+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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