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Ceiling Fan Light Hums

Hello All,


I replaced an existing ceiling fan in my living room about a year ago. Then here recently I put a new ceiling fan in my dinning area where an existing light use to be. Installed it correctly. All works the way it should. But know the ceiling fan in the living room makes a humming sound when I turn on the light to the fan.


I rechecked the wiring on the new fan and all checks out.


Can not figure it out. Hope someone can give me some advise.



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Posted 2012-08-09T18:47:09+0000  by Nightwing Nightwing

This is not an unusual problem, and can usually be corrected, depending on the fan.


Manufacturers are pressed for time to keep the cost down, so they often do not teach the fan the words which can be a lenghty process.  If you have a fairly intelligent fan you can teach it yuourself so it will stop humming and start singing!


First, try to figure out what tune is being hummed.  Standarrd for 60 Hz would be something like Yankee Doodle.  Once you determine the tune, just sing along as the fan hums, eventually it will pick up on what is going on and stop humming.


If that fails, return the fan to your local HD and tell them it is tooo stupid to learn to sing, they should give you a full refund.

Posted 2012-08-09T23:48:39+0000  by hirouk

OK, Let me fix this. It does not hum. it makes a buzzing sound. Also the fan light never had this issue until I installed the new fan in the dinning area.



Posted 2012-08-11T15:05:09+0000  by Nightwing

First I want to apologize for hirouk he or she has nothing whatsoever to do with The Home Depot.


Please give us some more info on your fan.  Look at the top of the fan and locate the UPC number and model number and give it to us so we can help you further.

Posted 2012-08-11T17:32:43+0000  by AAriondo

Thanks for the help. All I could find on the top of the fan was this. ULO#0044687. This is a Harbor Breeze Fan I purchased from Home Depot. Hope this helps. If not I will try to get you what you need.


Thanks again.

Posted 2012-08-11T20:15:37+0000  by Nightwing

Hello Nightwing and thank you for your question.  Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are a proprietary brand of Lowes. 


I may have an idea why your model ULO#0044687 fan started buzzing. If I understand you correctly, this fan was working fine until you installed a new fan in the dining area.  If these two fans are close to each other (they are in adjoining rooms), there may be some interference between them and the result is model ULO#0044687 has started buzzing.  You may need to consult your operator manual to change the frequency switch codes.


Best wishes with your project.



Posted 2012-08-21T19:27:53+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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