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Ceiling Fan Lights Keep Blowing

Help! I have a white Hampton Bay 48" ceiling fan with a 4 light kit in my living room. It was here when we bought the house so we don't have any paperwork for it. I have found the bulbs have been blowing quite often, to the point they would only last about a week. I took the light kit off and don't see anything real obvious that would indicate a problem. Has anyone ever encountered this before? I have attached a picture of the light kit for reference. I don't know where to look to find the fan name or model number. Thanks in advance.
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Posted 2015-04-20T23:13:35+0000  by Landon2014 Landon2014
I'm assuming we're talking about ordinary incandescent light bulbs?

A few thoughts:

-  I know this might be a silly question but are you using fan rated bulbs?  Vibration shortens the life of a light bulb and bulbs made specifically for fans are designed to deal with the vibration.

-  Have you noticed any significant wobble or vibration in the fan?  If you leave the fan off, does that have any impact one the life of the bulbs?

-  Does this happen anywhere else in your home?  It's possible that your home has higher than normal voltages which can shorten the life of light bulbs.   If you have a digital multimeter, you can measure the voltage in your home. You can try bulbs rated for 130v (rather than the normal 120v).   Most stores aren't going to have much of a selection of 130v bulbs so finding one that's also rated for a fan is going to be challenging.  If you can, leave the fan off and just use the light  to see if that solves the problem.  If so, you'll have to look online for fan rated, 130v bulbs.

Hope this helps...
Posted 2015-04-21T01:13:02+0000  by Adam444
Three things come immediately to mind Landon2014,

1) Fan bulbs are manufactured with a vibration damper on the filament.
Typically what you see is a circular aluminum disk which connects the filaments and reduces failure due to vibration.

2) The ground wire may not be connected to a functional ground which results in the filament absorbing excess resistance or power surges.

3) You might consider changing to a "Maintenance Bulb" which is designed to use up to 130-volts.
Since our standard, 120-volts, is lower, these bulbs are resistant to power surges and typically last much longer.

Your Electrical Associate can show you available Maintenance Bulbs and help determine which will work for your fan.

Posted 2015-04-21T17:38:20+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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