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Ceiling Fan: No Remote Reverse

Good Evening,


I just bought a home wiht two Hampton Bay ceiling fans that do not have reverse switches.  The original remotes are nowhere to be found.  Here are the UPC codes for each:





Please tell me who to call so I can get these fans to reverse with remotes that do not have a reverse switch.  Thanks,


Casey Cooley

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Posted 2012-08-05T21:55:23+0000  by caseypc74 caseypc74
Hi, Casey. Thank you so much for locating those UPCs!
The first 6 digits of a UPC indicate which vendor manufactured the fans for HB. The "792145" correlates to the parts/tech support line for TAL. I believe that both of these were made by the same company but perhaps the first "7" on the 2nd fan looked more like a 2, but it is actually a 7. :)
I did double check & the first UPC 792145350989 is for the 52" Ansley in Aged Bronze & the 2nd UPC 792145350279 is the 60" Miramar in Weathered Bronze.
TAL (1-877-902-5588) can order any parts & provide tech support for both fans.
Thank you for reaching out.
Posted 2012-08-06T13:23:50+0000  by THDCustomerCare

Thank you so much for your quick reply.  You were correct on the 7 instead of the 2, I fat fingered that one.  I called TAL and they said I would need to order the original remotes for the fans, $16 per remote.  Not bad seeing the ones at Home Depot are $30 without the reverse button.  I was hoping to get away with pressing the buttons I have in a certain pattern like I had read on some other posts but no dice.  Thanks again for your help.



Posted 2012-08-06T16:51:33+0000  by caseypc74

I just wanted to close the loop on this thread by saying that you guys at Home Depot Community are awesome.  I received the original remotes for the fans and they worked perfectly.  Thanks again and this exellent service will make me more inclined to turn right into Home Depot instead of left into Lowes.

Posted 2012-08-16T14:33:09+0000  by caseypc74

Anytime, Casey. Thanks for letting us know everything turned out well & you were taken care of. We appreciate you shopping with us!! - Nicki

Posted 2012-08-16T18:24:11+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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