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Ceiling Fan Not Working After Battery Change

This may help someone. My MIDLI fan stopped responding to the remote after changing the battery. Only after dismantling the fan and comparing DIP switch settings on the transmitter and receiver did I discover that we must have accidentally changed the settings on the hand unit when removing the battery. When sliding the battery up to be able to grip it for removal, the wires and connector can push up the DIP switches. I now have a little note in the battery compartment with the correct DIP switch settings, for future reference...

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Posted 2012-09-03T16:39:00+0000  by DIYlk DIYlk

Hey DIYlk.  Welcome to the Community!


That's a great tip.  Having a battery change mess up the DIP settings is not something I ever considered before.  It sure would save a lot of time and trouble to check, especially if there is a note with the settings in the battery box like you did.

Thanks a lot for this one.  We are glad to have you join the forum. Please keep us updated on your projects and feel free to join in helping others as you have here.


Old dog learns new trick,




Posted 2012-09-04T12:57:54+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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