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Ceiling Fan Remote Installation Failure

My issue is that after buying a Hunter Universal ceiling fan remote (model 27208) for my new Hampton Bay ceiling fan (model 54-CL), the remote doesn't seem to work.  I'm pretty much 100% sure that it's my installation failure, I can't seem to understand the instructions.  I have 1 white, 1 copper, and 2 black wires coming out of the ceiling.  Why do I have 2 black wires?  The receiver for the remote has two thick wires 1 black, 1 white & 3 smaller wires 1 white "common out", 1 black "fan out" & 1 red " light out".  I have no Idea where these wires go or what they mean.  Can someone please help?, i would love to know what these wires mean and hopefully get this remote working soon without having to pay someone to install it.



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Posted 2011-10-25T22:30:38+0000  by ervinsean ervinsean

Hey there Ervinsean, I’m Blake from the California Home Depot. I’m sorry to hear about your wiring issues, but we should be able to clear things up in a jiffy. First things first, let me hook you up with an important safety note.


SAFETY NOTE: Before you work on wiring devices, turn off the circuit breaker(s) or remove fuses associated with all circuits being worked with. Always check wires with a voltage detector before touching them. Your voltage detector should be tested on a live circuit first to confirm that it is functional before use. Mark the circuit breaker panel or fuse box panel as “BEING SERVICED DO NOT TAMPER”. If you feel that you lack the knowledge or skill to complete this project please call an electrician. Please be sure you have read and understand the installation instructions for your devices.


Let’s first cover the connection between the receiver and the fan. The smaller “Fan out” should be connected to the black wire that comes out of your ceiling fan. The red “light out” should be connected to the (usually blue) wire coming out of your ceiling fan that leads to the light kit (if applicable). The white “Common out” should be connected to the white wire coming out of your ceiling fan.  If for some reason your fan does not have these colors please provide us with the UPC code (this can be found on top of the fan motor housing on a small inspection sticker. With the “out” wires connected correctly we can narrow things down to the wires coming from your ceiling.


From your ceiling you have 4 wires total. The white is your neutral. The bare wire is your ground.  One black is your hot line. The other black is probably a secondary hot line from a previous installation where a hardwired control for the fan and light was used. You should have the white wire from your ceiling connected to the fatter white wire on the receiver, the green wire connected to the green screw, or green lead from your bracket, also tied into the green lead from the ceiling fan motor. That only leaves us with the two black wires. In this case I would suggest that you try one, and if that doesn’t work, try the other. Be sure that the wire that is not in use is capped and taped.


Ceiling fan wiring Hunter remote.jpg


I hope this helps Ervinsean, let me know if we can do anything else to help you with your project!



Posted 2011-10-26T00:19:24+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy
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