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Ceiling Fan Remote Installation Issues

I just attempted to install a 52" Hampton Bay Clarington fan in my living room and was saddened to discover after the fan was hung that the light and fan speed adjustment operates only with a remote control and didn't come with manual chains.  Unfortunately, I have no where to put the receiver for the remote (there is not a recessed electrical box in my ceiling) and the receiver does not fit in the canopy cover.  I am at a loss.  Are there smaller receivers available?  Please any advice on how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted 2011-06-02T02:52:13+0000  by eshorty1 eshorty1

Hey Eshorty1,


Sorry to hear that. When you finish a project and realize something is wrong and you have to go back 5 steps to fix it is the worst feeling in the world. You just got to accept it and move on. Trust me I have been there many times and I am sure I will be there again.


Fitting the receiver into place is a common installation problem with this kind of fan, but it will all work out.


The receiver is suppose to fit into the canopy.  The electrical box doesn't need to be recessed for this to work.


First attach the wires coming off the fan to the receiver and tuck the excess down the hanging rod. This will allow the receive to sit against the canopy and not get pushed up by excess wires.


The wires from you electrical box in the ceiling need to be pulled down and connect to the receiver while the receiver remains in the canopy. So the wire nuts will actually be in the canopy. Then neatly wrap any excess wires into the canopy and muscle the fan into place.


Here is a pretty picture I drew. It's probably not necessary, but I had fun making it. Ha.



The receiver isn't easy to fit in there, but that's how it is made to be installed. You will probably need a second set of hands to hold the fan and help you push the wires down as you hang it.


Click the picture below. It is a link to the Home Depot's page for the Clarington Fan. The customer written reviews also have some helpful tips.


Good luck! Hope this helps.-Gregg

Posted 2011-06-02T14:01:10+0000  by gotogregg

Thanks for the response and your diagram is great, except it doesn't take into account the piece of the ceiling mount that hangs down in the middle of the collar and holds the ball leading to the downbar.  Because of that cylindrical piece, there is no room to put the receiver in the collar.  It almost fits to the side, but is just large enough to not be able to lock the collar into the ceiling mount.  I am very worried that this fan will not work in my home.  I don't know what to do.

Posted 2011-06-02T20:35:32+0000  by eshorty1

Hi eshorty,


I'm Travis, and I've run across the receiver-in-the-canopy puzzle before! Trust me, there is a way to fit the receiver in the canopy. Usually only one way, but it will fit.


The cage that the ball hangs from is the key. After the fan is hung from that cage, slide the receiver across and through the cage, the receiver may have an edge that is mitered so that it can clear the canopy. Use that miter as a clue as to where the receiver unit should be placed. 


It took me several tries, but persistence pays!




Posted 2011-06-03T11:59:16+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

Hope this helps everyone with issue



Posted 2011-07-21T18:06:43+0000  by HG

Hello HG and welcome to The Community! We are glad to have you join the forum.


The pictures are great.  Please keep us updated on your projects and feel free to join in helping others.


Thanks, Newf.

Posted 2011-07-26T17:53:59+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

This pic was perfect....this saved me and I appreciate it very much.  

Posted 2012-02-26T19:02:51+0000  by cfrazier77
this sounds great, unless you aren't using a downrod and are installing "hugger" style....then what???
Posted 2012-04-12T01:03:44+0000  by kimapplegoz

love the diagram....but I am installing it "hugger style" without a downrod, so the canopy becomes the support and the short rod on the motor assembly comes inside the bracket.  Do you have a solution for that???  another diagram maybe???  :)

Posted 2012-04-12T01:05:55+0000  by kimapplegoz

Eshort,  It will fit.  I have done this many times and every time it is a struggle.  Make sure the flat side is up and the big side of the receiver is the last to go into the bracket.  Also the wires must be 8" or less and feed wrapped around the bracket.  Don't be afraid to push it into place.  If you added a longer rod make sure you used the correct end of the rod for the ball. (the end without the threads) The ball should fit flush with the top of the rod.  I hope this helps.  Stukas


I am a Home Depot Mater Trade Specialist

Posted 2012-04-12T15:01:27+0000  by Stukas
I am also having a problem w/Hampton Bay remote receiver. Do I need to stuff the capped wires which attach receiver to motor into the electrical housing, or is it safe to leave them I bathe canopy ? I have tried unsuccessfully to fit them into ceiling electrical box...seems like a thousand times. Can anyone offer advice??
Thanks , Jane
Posted 2013-03-18T21:37:10+0000  by Jtog
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