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Ceiling Paint

Can I used Behr Prem Plus Ultra as a ceiling pant for touch ups with wall paint getting on the ceiling from painting a room and fixing a "ring around the light" from changing to a smaller light fixture?  The Behr website said this can be used on ceilings. 


I was thinking of using Behr Prem Plus Ultra Eggshell Enamel and using the base paint from the shelf labeled White No. 2752 without adding a colorant.  According to the Behr website this white is not a tintable base.  My ceilings haven't been painted in 15 years and they are a cool white with the swirl in them.  They don't need a full repaint, just touch up.  I was thinking of using the leftover quart for something small I have to paint.



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Posted 2013-04-28T03:01:02+0000  by katc katc
If I were you I would cut a little piece of paint off the ceiling in a inconspicuous spot, like a closet or something. Take it to homedepot and they will match it perfect for you.
Posted 2013-04-28T05:00:03+0000  by dporter557



When it comes to touching up , the phrase "less is more" is appropriate. Do the absolute minimum to blank out that which is drawing your eye to it.  In the case of a little blue line showing at the ceiling: use the delicate blue painter's tape and tape the wall at the ceiling line. Now blank out the blue showing with most of your brush actually on the tape. This allows you to go up only minimally on the ceiling. Unless the whites are drastically different, this thin white line should not be noticeable.


As to the white on the ceiling: you must match not only the white, but the sheen. I would suggest that you go to Home Depot and get several of the white samle cards which you think would be close. If your   ceiling has flat paint on it, the Behr's sample jars are flat. If the paint has a little sheen, the Glidden samples are eggshell. Pick the closest white and closest sheen.


Most "ceiling" whites have been grayed up to some extent. They are not pure white. Behr is kind of unique in that its ceiling whites are pure, bright whites. Sight unseen, I would guess your ceiling is on the gray side.


Hope this has helped

Posted 2013-04-28T05:24:45+0000  by ordjen
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