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Ceiling fan

How to replace a ceiling? Is it something that I can do myself or have a professional do?

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Posted 2013-04-23T20:00:59+0000  by Praline Praline

Hey Praline.


Before I worked for The Home Depot, I was a rookie with putting up ceiling fans. Never the less I put up my own ceiling fans simply by following the directions, which means that if I could do it then you certainly can do it. I have been at Home Depot for 16 years now and have walked hundreds of people through installing lights and fans which are essentially the same and both easy.


You will need some insulated wire strippers and you will need to kill the circuit to the light box by flipping the circuit breaker off. The directions will walk you through it. Once you get your first fan up, you will see exactly how easy fans and lights are to install and you will be a rock star for having done it.


Some people chicken out at the last second. There is nothing wrong with this. That is what RedBeacon is for. is a site where local contractors compete for your business for projects or small odd jobs like this. Red Beacon does not go everywhere but they do service most major cities and their suburbs. Click on the box on the top of the page and see if they are in your area.

Posted 2013-04-25T14:35:21+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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