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Ceiling fan

I'm installing ceiling fan but house has no ground wire,what can be done to fix this problem. 
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Posted 2017-08-21T21:38:10+0000  by Bubba3 Bubba3
Assuming the circuit was wired without a grounding conductor, then the only way to add a ground would be to rewire the circuit using methods that are approved by code in your area. 

How old is your home and do you know what kind of wiring it has?  In some parts of the country, notably Chicagoland, homes are wired using metal conduit.  The metal conduit functions as the equipment ground and all that is necessary is to connect the ground wire from your fan to the metal junction box.  They sell green screws for that purpose in home centers and hardware stores.

Posted 2017-08-22T00:13:00+0000  by Adam444
Yeah that's how it's ground now just screwed into box,do I do the fan the same way,some people say don't use ground wire from fan but I don't know about that,thanks it's 1955 home with copper wiring no aluminum 
Posted 2017-08-22T00:19:05+0000  by Bubba3
One should always attach the ground wire from the fan to a proper ground, it's not an optional step.  The reason for that is if there was an internal failure in the fan allowing the metal parts of the fan to become energized, touching the metal could lead to a shock.

In 1955 the code requirements for grounding were a lot less stringent than they are today and it's quite possible that if the circuit severing that fan is the original wiring, there isn't a grounding conductor at all.  Do you see a bare copper wire in  the junction box?  If so, is it attached to the box with a screw?  If yes, then you likely have a good ground.  If this circuit doesn't have a ground, then others may not as well.  Do you have any receptacles, especially in the same or adjacent rooms that have just two slots and lack the round ground hole? 
If yes, further investigation is warranted, preferably by a licensed electrician. 
Posted 2017-08-22T08:54:02+0000  by Adam444
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