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Ceiling fan electrical connection

I purchased a Hampton Bay Carrolton II ceiling with light kit SKU 1000 044 890 to replace an existing fan and light operated by separate wall switches and there are two switches on separate walls. Is the wiring on the new fan compatible with this circuitry/setup ?  The installation/instruction manual is not clear. 
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Posted 2015-07-30T20:25:44+0000  by Xaymaca Xaymaca
I thought that might be the case, but thanks for the confirmation and tips about taking pictures. 

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Posted 2015-07-31T17:26:09+0000  by Xaymaca
Sounds like you have a "three-way" circuit, where the fan/light can be turned on/off from two locations.  That should not change the wiring in the ceiling junction box where the electrical connections are made and you can just follow the instructions with your new fan.  Remember to turn off the power to the circuit at the service panel before starting.

Before you take down the old fan it is a good idea to carefully note the color and connections of the existing wires.  It is also helpful to take a couple of pictures of the wiring as well.  Wires are notoriously camera shy and hide behind each other, so take the pictures from a couple angles.

If you run into trouble, you can post the pictures here and we can walk you through the steps to get your new fan working.

If you are not comfortable working with electricity or don't think you can install the new fan safely, please consult a licensed electrician.
Posted 2015-07-31T09:36:01+0000  by Adam444
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