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Ceiling fan has quit working

Hi, I have a ceiling fan, sku 527197, model AC5520D that has quit working.  I have three of the exact fans (in an enclosed, protected porch) on one circuit, controlled by one switch.  None of the fans have lights.  The first fan in the circuit has quit working; no buzz, hum, nothing.  The other two fans work just fine.  I have replaced the switch on the first fan, buy no joy. I know this fan has been discontinued, but I don't want the expense of replacing all three fans.   Help, and thanks.

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Posted 2013-05-14T02:24:42+0000  by 1952 1952

Our Hampton Bay customer service team can help you with this, but they will need the 12 digit UPC (looks like 123456-123456), is found on a sticker on the top of the motor housing (also on receipt & barcode on box). I've attached a picture of the sticker the UPC/SKU is on so you can find it easily. This fan is a multi vendor unit so we have to have the UPC to order the correct part.


Since the fan is not making a grinding noise when you attempt to turn it on, the problem is most likely not the motor, but perhaps the capacitor or receiver. In this case, we should have no problem getting you the part you need once we have verified the UPC & manufacturer to place the order.

Please give our Hampton Bay team a call after you locate this information, they will assist you to resolution.

Hampton Bay Customer Service: 877-527-0313


Posted 2013-05-14T12:27:06+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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