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Ceiling fan installation

While trying to install a ceiling fan brace I discovered that my joists were shaped like I-beams and so that the teeth of my brace will not reach the joists. What can I do, when I tried placing the brace on the base of the joists, the junction box doesn't sit flush with the ceiling. It sits about an inch above the hole. Any ideas would be appreciated. 
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Posted 2016-04-19T21:38:42+0000  by mwvogel mwvogel
What a great question mwvogel,

Unique problems like this often occur in DIY as well as Pro installation.

I see two simple solutions to your problem:

1) Use an Extended Canopy Bracket; designed to extend the canopy enough to hang fans on sloped cathedral ceilings; or

2) Use a two and one-half inch box extender to place your canopy bracket closer to the opening.

Personally, I like the second option because it places your box closer to the opening.

But be cautious to secure the box extension well enough to carry the weight of the fan.

Using wood screws to attach face plates to the beam on both sides of the hole is a third option.

However, working through a four-inch hole to accomplish this task is very difficult.

If you choose this option, you may have to open the hole large enough to add this support structure and then use a larger canopy cover over the larger opening.

I produced this training video for Home Depot Associate, but it is great instruction for DIYers if they can ignore the references to associates.

Click the link for: 

How To Install a Ceiling Fan

Watch Our How-To Video

Hope this helps,

Pat InPaint
Posted 2016-04-20T14:24:37+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Sounds like you have wood I-beams for joists and a standard old work fan box doesn't work with those very well because of the thickness of the flange.  There's a company called Arlington Industries that makes all kinds of specialty electrical boxes including an old work fan box for wood I-beams.  Part #FBRS407R.  You may have to order one online or try local electrical supply houses that cater to the trade.

Don't be tempted to use an ordinary box extension, they are not fan rated.
Posted 2016-04-22T09:55:50+0000  by Adam444
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