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Ceiling fan noise, missing screw

I have a Hampton Bay Carriage House 52 " ceiling fan that just started making a ticking noise after having it only one year. I noticed a screw in the light housing was missing causing the housing to sag lower on that side, so I put another screw in. It still makes the noise. What else can I check/do  to find the cause of the ticking noise? It's definitely not from the motor because I heard the noise when I was cleaning the blades and the fan was off. I don't have the instruction manual, where can I get another one? Thanks!

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Posted 2011-03-23T02:07:43+0000  by pinkpanther pinkpanther

Hello pinkpanther : I am not sure which of the Carriage House family you have? Most all of them have at least a lifetime motor warranty. Have you tried to take this issue / concern to the Hampton Bay help line yet? They are there to help in exactly this kind of situation! Get all the make, model, serial # information together, hopefully it got written in the manual. Then call them, they have almost always been a trusted resource able to help solve the problem.

 Hope this gets you the help you need? 

Posted 2011-03-23T07:49:41+0000  by elect_answers

Hello pinkpanther and welcome to The Community!  I may have some answers for you! 




For future reference, the Hampton Bay Customer Service contact number is 1-877-527-0313 (option 2).  Your SKU and UPC numbers help identify the unit and manufacturer and will assist Customer Service.  The Serial Number is located on top of the fan housing. 


SKU                               UPC                                Ceiling Fan Finish


412-761                082392-46010 5R               brushed nickel/chrome

739-887                082392-46011 2R               aged iron

138-108                082392-46008 2R               polished brass/satin brass


Next the ticking noise.  This will be determined by the following deduction:


1.       It sounds like (no pun intended) that the noise started and then you noticed the missing screw.  After replacing the screw, the noise continued, so the screw is “safe.”


2.       Customer Service and the manufacturer said to run the fan without the blades.  If the noise persists, the blades are “safe.”


3.       Then run the fan without the brackets.  If the noise persists, the brackets are “safe.”


4.       This leaves the motor as “guilty.”


5.       If the blades or brackets are the source of the noise, take them to the store with your receipt since they are under a one year warranty.


6.       If the motor is the source of the noise, it is under a limited lifetime warranty.  Information is included on the last page of the Use and Care Manual.



Now for the manuals!  These links will take you to the manuals.


    * Installation Guide


    * Use and Care Manual



Please keep us posted on what happened and best wishes for a quiet ceiling fan!

Posted 2011-03-25T14:53:44+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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