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Ceiling fan starts by itself

We recently purchased a Hampton Bay Altura 64-inch ceiling fan and had it installed by a licenced electrician.  Tested all speeds in both directions and it worked fine.  We have not had a need to use the fan since it was installed a couple of weeks ago.  Yesterday, the fan suddenly went on with anyone touching the remote which is the only way to start our fan.  I used the remote to shut it off.  It stayed off for two or three hours and then suddently started up again.  This has happened a total of 3 times in 2 days.  Any ideas?

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Posted 2013-11-10T20:52:35+0000  by jc199 jc199

Hey jc199.


These remotes are common with all these fans. They come with the same default setting, therefore if you have 2 remotes in the house, set to the same setting, then both remotes will control the same fan. If you have a really close neighbor to you and they have a remote fan then it is likely to be sat on a default setting.


Is this a possibility?

Posted 2013-11-10T21:26:35+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL


I am in a brand new condo building consisting of 3 units side by side.  We are in the middle condo.  The unit on our left is not sold yet.  The unit on our right is sold and occupied.  I suppose I can inquire if they have a remote controlled fan.  I'll let you know.  Thanks for the input.

Posted 2013-11-11T01:41:44+0000  by jc199

Hey jc199.


When you go to talk to and meet your neighbor, take your remote with you to see if it controls their fan. If it does, which I would suspect that it does, we will have to change the code on the remote and transmitter which is not very difficult. Your remote may not look just like this one but they all share the same concept.


The switch for the remote is behind the battery and the switch on the receiver is those blue switches that you see. You will need to change the codes to match each other. The transmitter is located in the canopy cover, which is the cover that touches the ceiling. You will need to unscrew 2 screws to drop the canopy cover where you might be able to see the switches, otherwise you may need to slide the transmitter out some to reach and change them.


Hit me back here and let me know whats up. Thanks.

Posted 2013-11-14T14:08:52+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL


Thanks for the follow up.  The problem has not happened again since I posted the problem here.  Your suggestion to bring the remote if and when I meet the new neighbor is a good one.  I just want to allow the new people to settle in before I accuse them of starting my fan.:smileywink:

Posted 2013-11-14T18:17:39+0000  by jc199

Hey jc199.


You could always go out on the driveway with your remote and start hitting buttons. You could let it be their idea to address it. :smileyvery-happy:

Posted 2013-11-14T18:31:53+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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