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Ceiling fan to light fixture conversion with wireless control

Hi All,

I have a ceiling fan with a pull switch and would like to convert that to a light fixture but with some kind of wireless switch.  No need for internet control or anything of that nature.  Just want to be able to turn the light on like any other normal light controlled by a wall switch.  I want to do something like the Heath Zenith BL-6133-WH that has a wireless switch that can be stuck to the wall and made to look sort of like a standard wall switch (but in my case I have no wall switch that controls the fan.  I'm looking for suggestions on what hardware I would need.

If I didnt make myself clear please let me know and I'll try to correct any confusion.

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Posted 2015-03-28T04:30:19+0000  by Huascar82 Huascar82
Hello Huascar82.  Welcome to the Community!

The Heath unit you mentioned would work for a light bulb inside the fan if it physically fits, but would not operate the fan itself in any other way.

You can purchase a remote control unit that mounts on the wall like this one:

These units require that you have the fan pull chain swtiched to full speed on, and the light chain switched on before you turn off the power and then install the receiver inside the fan canopy.  Once done then the remote control can switch the fan on and off, adjust the speed and also switch the light.  There are a number of fan control units available that you can find here:


Posted 2015-03-31T17:38:00+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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