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Ceiling fan with exposed outlet box: Can it be concealed?

Hello guys. As my username suggests I'm a DIY noob. :)


I bought three Hampton Bay ceiling fans at the beginning of summer and had them installed in all the bedrooms - well, except the master bedroom which will get a nicer model later but I digress. I had an electrician install them and while the fans are performing well, the installation wasn't the nicest-looking out there. I live in Puerto Rico and like many houses here, mine is built with walls and roofing in concrete. To make matters worse, whoever designed this house decided to use wall light fixtures in the bedrooms instead of ceiling fixtures. The resulting ceiling fan installation can be seen in the picture below. (237 KB .jpg image)


I did not have the money, time nor willingness to break through the walls and ceiling to run the wiring and outlet box the ideal way. The big question is: is there some way to conceal the exposed outlet box? Thanks.


- Roberto

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Posted 2011-09-23T20:14:39+0000  by DIY-noob DIY-noob

Hello DIY-noob,


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I have good news and bad news. I will start with the bad news. There is not a way to hide the entire box. The good news is that you can make it far less visible than what you have now.


They make what’s known as a low profile or pancake junction fan box. It comes in an ivory finish that can be painted to match the color of your ceiling. It’s only 1” deep.  So that way once the fan is installed on it you can barely see it from the ground.                         

                                                     fan pancake box.jpg

I think this would be the best solution in order to make your junction box the least visible from the ground level.


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Best Answer

Posted 2011-09-23T20:45:27+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Thanks shacandoit. If I understand correctly what this product does, I'd have to take down the fans and the existing junction boxes, replace the boxes with these low-profile boxes and re-install the fans? If so, that sounds like too much of a hassle although I was already considering taking the fans down and reinstalling them without the downrods so I was probably going to go through most of that hassle anyways. ;)

Posted 2011-09-23T23:09:52+0000  by DIY-noob
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