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Ceiling fixtures in garage



I have two ceiling fixtures in my garages. One is the standard builders grade single bulb fixture and the other is a two bulb spot light type fixture. Both are wired to a light switch. I wanted to improve the lighting in my garage so today I purchased two hanging florecent shop lights. They of course need to be plugged in so I purchased two single bulb fixtures that also have ground power sockets. I got home and very easily removed the old single bulb fixture. After I wired up the new fixture I tested it to make sure it works and it was fine. When I removed the two bulb spot type fixture I was confronted with the typical multi bulb wiring. The ceiling box has the power coming in one side and it is then out the other with the wiring for the two bulb fixture spliced in line. The ground wire was passing cleanly through not hooked to anything and wrapped in electrical tape. The black wire was connected by twist nuts to the two black wires for the fixture and also to the line going back out the other side of the box. The white wire was set up the same way. I removed the old fixture and wired the free black wire from the twist nut to the brass screw on my new fixture. i wired the white wire to the silver screw. I unwound the ground wire and hooked it to the ground wire on the new fixture. Flipped the circuit back on and nothing. Not only will it not work now the first one I did will not turn on either. What am I missing?

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Posted 2013-06-09T00:47:25+0000  by Brentalight Brentalight

Hello Brentalight.  Welcome to the Community!


Well, based upon your description everything should be fine.


Somehow, when you rewired the second light, you disconnected the complete circuit from the switch.

All you can do is turn off the power and retrace all the wiring steps to find where you do not have a good connection.


These lights are to be wired in parallel, so if the pass through on the second step you mentioned where you spliced multiple wires is open, that would explain how you lost power to both lights.


I am confused why you purchased light fixtures to act as outlets though.  Why not just install outlets where the fluorescent fixtures need to be plugged in?





Posted 2013-06-11T20:11:21+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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