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Ceiling wood paneling.

Ceiling wood paneling can I paint over it. and can I mix joint compound together with paint to cover all the gruves.

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Posted 2014-01-04T18:26:53+0000  by 04corvett 04corvett



Frankly, I would first probe whether there is a finished plaster or drywall behind that paneling. Paneling is not normally put up without solid backing, usually due to fire codes. If there is a ceiling behind it, it may well be less work to take down the paneling and patch the holes. The final appearance would probably also be better.


Should you decide to go ahead and paint the paneling, it certainly is possible. The groves should first be filled with a couple coats of spackling compound. The pre-mixed vinyl products work fine. After filling and sanding the groves, prime the entire surface with a good oil or acrylic primer.  Where edges meet the wall, or gaps around crown molding, filling with vinyl caulk would be preferred, as some seasonal movement could be experienced.


Finally, paint with a quality acrylic paint in the sheen of your choice. "Ceiling whites" are always dead flat in sheen, and as such, tend to hide imperfections better.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2014-01-05T02:02:47+0000  by ordjen
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