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Cement board question

Hi all, doing some remodeling and have a question or two.


1. Do I have to mud and tape cement board if it is going to be wall material and be covered with brick facing?  I"m guessing I should anyway, but just wondering. Can I use drywall screws with them or do I need different screws?


2. I think this is answered cement board the best choice to use for the brick facing? I was going to use regular drywall and put a mesh up, then mortar then the bricks. Someone told me greenboard should be used if I'm going to use mortar. Then I wrote to the brick manufacturer and they suggested the cement board as I won't need the mesh.


Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.



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Posted 2012-08-28T12:51:38+0000  by Elle Elle
yes I am replying to my own thread, lol. I keep seeing this Hardiboard show up and it seems like it might be a little easier to use for the job. If it matters...a wood burning stove is going to go in front of this particular wall.

Posted 2012-08-28T13:07:05+0000  by Elle

Hi Elle and welcome to the How-to- Community.



Elle quick answer to your first question is;


 Even though cement board is getting covered with the brick you should still tape and mud all of the joints.


Taping and mudding joints makes one monolithic unit out of the individual boards. If you were not to tape your joints you would #1 not get your warranty from the manufacturer of the CEMENT BOARD, #2 fall in to the risk of expansion (crack) of the cement board telescoping on to the surface of the veneer. On a side note another way to avoid expansion cracks is to hang the board horizontally staggered.


Question #2;


YES, cement board is, no doubt, the best possible backer board for the stone veneer. Once it gets fastened, taped and mudded your cement board wall is going to be as solid as one of the exterior walls in your house. Again remember to stager the boards during the installation, once hung boards should resemble the brick pattern.


I skipped your question on drywall screws…


No, you should not be using drywall screws. Drywall screws can corrode from presence of portland cement and lime in mortar and CBU. There are screws that are specially coated to be used with the cement board. These screws also have a special rib design under each head that countersinks the screw for flush seating during installation. Brand we carry is called ROCK-ON.

 rock on.jpgrock-on.jpg

Also tape used for the cement boards cannot be the same as the one that is used for the drywall. Cement board tape is heavier and with larger perforations.This is done so it can be embedded with the coarser fill material…I guess this answers you next question on what should you  be using to tape the joints. Answer is; type S mortar mix, the same stuff you’d using to put the veneer up.

cbu tape.jpgtype s mortar mix.jpg


Hope this helps Elle and if there’s anything else you need to know please do not hesitate to ask, we are here to help.




Posted 2012-08-28T14:11:30+0000  by George_HD_CHI

Sorry Elle it took a little bit longer to respond, I was trying to find some images for you.


I like Hardiebacker but for this installation I’d recommend cement board being that you'll be bonding cement (mortar) to cement versus cement to fiber.


Cement board is a little bit harder to work with though...but not its not terribly difficult ...take your time and score away.:smileyhappy:Yes,you will need cement board scoring knife.:smileyvery-happy:



Posted 2012-08-28T14:22:39+0000  by George_HD_CHI

thanks very much. I will go with cement board then. Saw one of those tools laying around the house and had no idea what it was.... :smileyvery-happy: 





Posted 2012-08-28T18:07:00+0000  by Elle
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