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Cement floor inquiry.

Is it possible to turn a portion of a cement foundation slab into a cement floor? I don't have money at the moment to buy flooring for a bedroom I'm remodeling, and I was wondering if it would harm the foundation slab if I ripped up the nasty carpet, cleaned off the cement surface, and then sealed it?
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Posted 2015-08-27T10:34:53+0000  by Suzy4of5 Suzy4of5

Hello Suzy4of5 and welcome to the Community.

It depends on what you mean by clean off the cement surface.  If you mean light sanding to remove rough spots that should not be a problem.


In the Home Depot Paint departments you can find Concrete stains and Concrete paints, as well as concrete sealers that can dress up those concrete floors at a reasonable price.


I would enjoy hearing back from you about your project and if possible include photo of your processes.


Thanks for your inquiry.



Posted 2015-08-27T13:09:21+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
Hey Suzy4of5!

You've got the best kind of re-purposing project!

You'll gain a fantastic floor and spend very little creating it.

In your local Tool Rental Department, you'll find a Diamond Blade Etcher.

This tool will remove a very thin layer of cement, which will prepare your floor for stain.

In this earlier thread, we discuss How To Faux or Acid Wash Concrete Floors.

Behr Solid Color Concrete Stain will give you uniform color wall-to-wall in your new space.

Behr Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain allows the color of your concrete the show through ... use multiple colors to create an "acid washed" appearance on your new floors.

These coatings are easy to use, clean up with soap and water, and are apply both color and waterproofing.
Posted 2015-09-03T17:21:20+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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