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Ceramic Tile 101

I want to try my hand at installing ceramic tile.  I have a large closet adjacent to my family room that I'd like to tile as my first project.  This way if I do a poor job, then no one will see it, but I'll have gained some experience.  Currently there is vinyl installed on the floor.  Do I have to rip this up or can I just put down the cement board over it.  Also I just watched the video on installing ceramic tile and it didn't mention how to install cement board. 

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Posted 2011-05-19T16:48:08+0000  by Kitty373 Kitty373

Hey Kitty373,


I think it's great that you are trying  new projects around the house. Good for you.


Unfortunately you are going to want to take up the old vinyl floor. It sometimes comes up easy, but if not you can use a floor scraper. The floor scraper also works well to get off the glue that is stuck on the subfloor. Click this picture for a link.

flor scrapper.jpg


What type of cement board are you planning on using? I always recommend using it. It expands the life of the tile and protects your subfloor. Click the picture below for instructions on installing cement board.



Also, just for fun, here is a link for a basic tile install project guide. Click the Pic.



I hope this helps. Do you have any specific questions about the install that we can help with? Let us know how it goes and if you run into any problems. Have fun. -Gregg:smileyhappy:

Posted 2011-05-19T17:17:48+0000  by gotogregg

I want to attempt to retile my bathroom floor with porcelain tiles. Right now there is already tile on the floor. Is this an easy job? If it is what tools and what are the steps I need to do to get the job done?



Posted 2011-05-22T02:59:58+0000  by mskyoung

Hey mskyoung!


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community! I am a flooring specialist at my store here in Atlanta and teach tile classes as well. You picked a great tile with porcelain. Now you can tile over the existing tile provided it is still a stone or ceramic based tile, and not vinyl. In terms of the steps to get the job done, the post above by gotogregg is great for giving you the specific steps needed for measuring, laying out, and installing your porcelain tiles. Click on the 3rd picture of the man installing the tile. It will link you back to our webpages step by step instruction as well as a video, the video is really informative to show you how much tile and materials you'll need for the project. The image below is a still I took of the video, so you can see how detailed and helpful the webpage is...

tile video still.JPG


Even though I could go into the same steps, the good folks at have already built an extensive library of materials and information for you to use. Just in case you didn't see the link in gotogregg's post, you can find it here


If you have any other detailed questions mskyoung, please feel free to ask away, that's what the community is here for!


Posted 2011-05-23T13:40:01+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

I would like to know if it is acceptable to grout a ceramic backsplash the same day that you set the tile?

Posted 2012-06-19T00:06:39+0000  by Roger1

Hello Roger1.  Welcome to the Community!


Unless you really go out of your way to get a mortar or adhesive that cures sooner, 24 hours is generally the minimum time you should allow before grouting. 


To go that extra mile, you have a couple of options:


You can use a thin-set mortar that cures faster than usual, like this one below:


For working on backsplashes, a product like this can be very convenient.  You can grout immediately after setting the tile:


I hope this helps,




Posted 2012-06-19T12:48:35+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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