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Ceramic Tile in a Manufactured Home.

I have a brand new Palm Harbor Manufactured home 27x52. I would like to have ceramic tile installed in both bathrooms. Is this possible for a Home Depot installation ? I live in Southern Florida.
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Posted 2015-08-20T11:15:49+0000  by gbidick gbidick
You should contact the flooring department of your local Home Depot to see what installation services they provide and to get an cost estimate.  Home Depot also offers a service called Red Beacon which matches homeowners with approved contractors.

I know very little about manufactured housing but I do know that any floor needs to have a certain amount of "stiffness" in order to lay tile.  If the floor deflects (bends) too much with weight, then the tile will crack.  I have no idea if the floors in manufactured housing meets those requirements but it might be something to inquire about.

Another option to consider is a product called "luxury" vinyl tile.  It comes in patterns that look very much like tile but because it's flexible would eliminate the need for a stiff floor.  Some of it can be grouted but if you have a stiffness problem, I'm not sure that would be a good idea.
Posted 2015-08-20T12:08:38+0000  by Adam444
Hello gbidick.  Welcome to the Community1

Adam hits on the key point here:  floor flexing.

Ceramic tile and natural stone floors must be applied to a floor structure that is very stiff and won't deflect when walked on.  Mobile homes do vary in their construction, but in my experience even a well built model will use 2x6 floor joists, (or metal ones), that span too far to make for a solid enough floor for ceramic tile.  This is why you just don't see ceramic tile floors in mobile homes.

For a contractor to take on this job, they would have to pull up your existing floor, bolster the joist system significantly, and then replace the typical OSB sub-flooring with thicker plywood.  The cost to do this is not trivial.  Is it possible?  Maybe, but given that there are vinyl tile flooring alternatives that look good for far less money that's where I would be looking.

Some of these vinyl tiles are groutable, and if you NEED to do that, use a premix type which is somewhat more flexible than the dry grout.  I would prefer that you get vinyl tile that does not use grout at all.  Please feel free to stop by your local Home Depot store and talk to a flooring associate about this.  Given the guarantee Home Depot provides on their flooring work, I would be surprised if they would even consider ceramic tile for your floors, but there are other options.


Posted 2015-08-21T17:37:38+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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