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Change Cooktop?

We recently purchased a new place and it came with a Whirlpool range, Model #RS675PXG T12. We are completely renovating the kitchen, what I wanted to know if it is possible to take the cook top off the range and replace it with a different cook top. The bottom part of the oven looks good enough, but the top is kind of ugly and the burners are crooked. i was able to completely separate the cook top from the bottom part, just don't know if I can put a different one there. 

The current cook top seem to be connected to the oven part with two wires. If what I want to do is possible, does the new cook top have to be connected to a separate power supply or is is there a possibility to connect the two together directly?
Thank you.
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Posted 2018-03-06T19:59:44+0000  by TI85 TI85
Hello TI85.

You can still get replacement parts for this range. 


I have never seen someone replace the top section with one from another model though.  This one has the controls on the top itself, which is unusual.  It may just be cheaper to buy a new range with the features you want.


Posted 2018-03-06T20:58:30+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
Hi T185,

Being a range, this is a one piece unit and the cook top cannot be changed. You can order replacement parts and renew the unit, but this would be cost prohibitive. I would buy a new range.


Posted 2018-03-09T00:31:25+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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