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Change light switch- need to split

Our downstairs light switch turns on the lights on the stairs and all the way down the hall.  I want the light switch at the top of the stairs to turn off stair lights but this will have to be split.  How is this done?  Do I need an electrician?

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Posted 2011-07-13T22:39:36+0000  by Shalyn_24 Shalyn_24

Hey there Shalyn_24, I’m Blake from Home Depot out here in California. First let me welcome you to the community! I like your idea of splitting the controls to these two lights; it will save you a bunch on electricity over the long run. Luckily it is a super easy fix as well.


I assume that the stair lights are on three-way switches meaning that 2 switches control the same light fixture already. If the hall light is only controlled by the one switch then all you need is a double switch (one three way, one single pole).  Like this one:


Leviton 15 amp 3-Way Double Toggle Switch


This can be hooked up by a Diy’er with lots of electrical know-how but I would generally suggest a qualified electrician do the job if you are new to electrical work. Essentially this would allow you to control your stair lights with the top switch and your hall light with the bottom switch, it doesn’t require any new wires to be run, and you don’t even need to change out the junction box!


I hope this helps Shalyn_24, if you need any more help, we are here for ya!



Posted 2011-07-13T23:20:45+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy
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