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Change the look of your rock wall

So I recently had an opportunity to do something new with paint.  We had an old rock wall that was bland and out dated - and wanted to revive the look to a more natural stone look and feel. I decided to faux paint each rock. 


Here is how it went:

  1. Paint everything (rocks and all) with an exterior paint/primer type paint in satin - matched to the color you would like the grout to look.
  2. Base coat a color over a rock and gently remove a small amount before it dries with a wet rag.
  3. Add 2 or three layers of different colors in the same manner as step #2.
  4. You can add a clear coat or finish if the stones are exposed to the direct weather.

*note: this is a good way to use up all those paint cans you have laying around. Be sure to make each stone unique.




OLD STONE LOOK              PAINTED EVERYTHING         BASE COAT               LAYERED COLORS                                               

before stone.jpg     IMAG0925.jpg      IMAG0926.jpg   IMAG0927.jpg








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Posted 2013-11-04T20:22:39+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL Kevin_HD_ATL



Nice look!  Kind of like traditional faux finish techniques adapted to exterior masonry surfaces.

Posted 2013-11-04T22:23:21+0000  by ordjen
WOW Kevin!

Who knew you were an artist!!!

This variation of a standard faux technique really gives new life to your rock wall.

The key: Choosing colors that complement each other as well as the adjacent landscape and building.

I recommend offsetting color cards to "see" how the colors work ... both together and visually with the surroundings.

Like This:

Posted 2014-07-15T15:37:20+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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