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Change the shade of custom mixed paint

I recently purchased some Interior /Exterior oil based paint.  After seeing the paint in the sunlight its really not going to work and needs to be a share or two darker  (one on the sample card) . Does anyone know the store can simply add the delta amounts of pigment to the existing full  gallons to match the darker shade formula. (Is the amount of each pigment color in the system such that  with a little math the clerk can simply dial up the difference?) 


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Posted 2012-08-14T21:12:05+0000  by Bub007 Bub007




Any paint can be darkened to some degree. The question is how much. One of the biggest determinants is if that color you desire to reach is mixed in the same paint "base". Behr and Glidden paints basically come in 3 bases: white, mid-tone and deep base. Each has progressively lesser amounts of white pigment in them. This allows for progessively stronger, darker colors to be mixed.


If your original  color was mixed into a white base, it is very difficult to overcome all that white pigment to arrive at a significantly darker color. It is not advisable to just keep dumping in more pigment. At some point, the integrity of the paint is compromised by all the pigment. Also, the paint can has definite limits of volumn.


You have nothing to lose. The Home Depot associate can give you an idea of what can possibly be done. Bring your paint in to the store and let him/her evaluate what can be done.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2012-08-15T04:29:05+0000  by ordjen
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