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Change to Undermount Sink in Granite Countertop

We have granite countertops in our kitchen & bathrooms. We currently have drop in sinks. I'm wondering can you replace the drop in sink with an undermount sink without replacing the granite? Obviously, I know the sink would have to be the same size as the drop in or larger. How difficult would this be & can you sand granite (to get smooth edges) if you are able to replace the sink?
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Posted 2016-12-15T22:29:31+0000  by Brit25 Brit25
It's likely possible but it's probably not a DIY project.  I'd suspect (assuming you can find a sink that works with the existing cutout) that the countertop would have to be pulled because of the challenges involved in attaching the sink.  Granite and other stones are cut, ground and polished using diamond wheels which can be pretty expensive to buy.

I'd suggest contacting a couple granite fabricators in your area and see if they're willing to take on the project.
Posted 2016-12-16T10:19:00+0000  by Adam444
Hello Brit25, and welcome to the community!

I agree with Adam, this is definitely not a DIY project. As you and Adam mentioned, finding the exact size & shape to fit your opening maybe the first challenge, once the sink is found, the granite fabraictor will more than likely want to invert the granite to drill the holes and add the anchors & special adhesive to hold the anchors embedded in the granite. Once that is done the holes for the faucet will need to be drilled into the granite, then installing the sink is the easy part.

Posted 2016-12-16T14:22:02+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Thank you both for the advice! I appreciate it!
Posted 2016-12-16T17:44:57+0000  by Brit25
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