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Change wall texture from orange peel to skip trowel or imperfect smooth

I have walls with an orange peel texture, and want to change the texture to either a light skip trowel (not too busy) or an imperfect smooth texture.  Here's what I'm going for:




Do I need to sand down the orange peel first?  Or will it work to apply the mud for the next texture right on top of the old texture?  Or is there another method I should be using to switch from one texture to another?

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Posted 2013-09-02T02:22:39+0000  by orangjul orangjul

Great Project orangjul!


Thanks for the photos!


Prep is always the difference between a long-lasting finish and one that requires regular maintenance.


I would encourage you to lightly sand the entire surface ... just enough to break the sheen.


Since you are mudding over the surface, you might go straight to a medium grit ... something like 100-grit sandpaper.


Use a pole sander that allows you to sand your wall top-to-bottom in one continuous stroke.


Wipe your walls with a dry terry towel and then use a shop-vac to pick up any remaining dust.


Then apply your mud, prime, and paint.



You project is very similar to Behr Venetian Plaster.


In their application instructions, they suggest to hold the trowel at a steep angle to create more texture or at a shallow angle to create less texture (similar to your first photo).


Even if you do not use their product, take time to review their instructions to develop an idea about your application technique.

Posted 2013-09-03T14:38:58+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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