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Changing Toilet Bowl

I want to change 4 toilets for a house.
1. What brand name is good, American Standard, Kohler, etc.
2. Which model has powerful flushing water that clean well from top to bottom inside the bowl
3. Longer seat
4. Lower seat, the member in the house is not tall, they are Asian size
5. one piece toilet or two piece toilet (bowl and water tank separated) is better
6. what model the best and how much it cost for each
7. estimate installation price of each
8. Toilet for resident or toilet commercial is the best
Please advise.
Thank you for your kind attention and timing.

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Posted 2015-04-12T19:30:37+0000  by Voke Voke

1.  Asking what toilet is the "best" is kind of like asking what car is the best.  There are lot of models out there but for the most part all modern toilets will, em, get the job done.  Many people buy toilets based largely on styling but I'm inclined to believe that you can get in a pretty nice toilet for about $200.  Can you spend less, absolutely.  More, you bet, a lot more.  Heck there are models with heated seats, air drying, air deodorizing, remote control, and goodness knows probably an app. (ok, I was kidding about the app).

2.  Most modern toilets do a pretty good job evacuating the bowl.  That wasn't as true with the early low flow toilets but most of those problems have long since been corrected.  Toto offers a special finish on some of their toilets advertised to keep the bowl cleaner, longer.  I have never used one but I can't say that I've ever used a toilet that I felt needed any kind of special attention in terms of cleanliness.

3.  Your looking for what's called an elongated bowl.  Men tend to prefer this style of bowl because it gives them a little more room in the front.

4.  Your looking for what's called standard height.  Comfort height toilets are a couple of inches taller and sometimes preferred by people with mobility issues.

5.  One or two piece toilets are largely a matter of personal style.  One style doesn't work better than the other.

6. As I said, $200 should be plenty.

7.  Installation costs are going to vary considerably throughout the country.  If you want Home Depot to install the toilet, then talk to an associate at your local Home Depot.

8.  Most people don't need a commercial toilet.


Posted 2015-04-12T22:40:38+0000  by Adam444
Hello Voke,

Adam444's information is spot on. I will say though that my personal preference between one and two piece toilets is to go two piece. There is no performance or function benefit but, as someone who's cracked a toilet tank, replacing just the tank is much easier than replacing the entire unit.

Though I haven't received them in my store yet the American Standard Vormax line claims to keep the toilet bowl 2 times cleaner than a conventional toilet. More info on those units can be found at this link.

I've also put together a refined search of elongated, standard height toilets for your convenience. That listing can be found here.

Also make sure to check your rough in. The rough-in is the distance from the toilet bolts (even with center of the drain) and the wall. In many homes that distance will measure 12 inches meaning most any toilet will fit fine. There are older homes where the rough-in is only 10 inches. In this case make sure the toilet you select list that it is compatible with a 10 inch rough-in. 

Posted 2015-04-13T14:12:54+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
Most often, I agree with Adam,

Of course when it comes to elongated, comfort-height, power assist toilets, it is hard to find anything below $300.

These items are impossible to beat on water efficiency, never clog flush systems, and ease of access for mobility-challenged members of the household.

Here is a link to two toilets that meet all your specifications ... even though they are both around $300.

Don't overlook the possibility that your local water supplier may have a rebate for installing efficient toilets.

You'll most likely be eligible four times for four toilets!
Posted 2015-08-25T22:38:35+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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